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Trigg's Catering Co has been honored to serve the community since 1988, but now it is time for us to pass on the torch. We would like to introduce the catering company that we are entrusting with our catering facility, some favorite long-standing recipes, and our beloved clients: The Hometown Chef Catering Co has grown into a successful local business adhering to the same guiding principals of literally doing whatever it takes to make an event great, including attentive and caring customer service, and preparing and serving outstanding food.

Executive Chef Julio Avila, a classically-trained chef at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, his wife and CEO/Marketing Director Tiffany Avila, and their Director of Operations Jennifer Jozwiak have strong roots in the community and a commitment to continue building their name and business on outstanding service. Through the conveyance of Harvey Trigg, The Hometown Chef can replicate many of Trigg's Catering's recipes, as well as many other original and stellar creations that have earned them accolades of their own. We certainly appreciate your loyalty over all these years, and we are so excited to have found the perfect family to continue our legacy. We are certain that The Hometown Chef will exceed your future catering expectations! Please click here to link to their site and menus:

And have no fear if you still need your Trigg's fix!! Harvey Trigg will continue to operate Trigg's Humble Inn, just as he has since 1998 when Ozzie & Mary Berger passed the torch on to him. Come by and see us for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner!! We'd love to have you!

Trigg's Humble Inn Restaurant
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Article from The Tribune 7/11/2012


Article from Living Magazine in PDF

Article from the

Observer Newspaper of July 2, 2008


Local man prompts city to show patriotic Spirit



The stars and stripes are fluttering in the occasional breeze, waving down from nearly every light pole, every building, along Humble’s Main Street these days, reminding antique shoppers and tavern patrons, churchgoers and museum visitors alike to take pride in their country. Not just on Independence Day — always.


Aside from his hearty down-home kitchen, local restaurant owner

and caterer Harvey Trigg is well-known for his generosity, donating his products and services on a regular basis to support a good cause. But more than an active supporter of the community, Trigg is also an ardent patriot.


“A few weeks ago he came in to pay his water bill and said he needed to talk to me for a minute,” said Darrell Boeske, Humble’s city manager. “When he mentioned that he wanted to buy flags to put up along Main Street I started asking around. It wasn’t a priority in recent years; we had kind of forgotten about it, and I’m glad he brought it to our attention.”


Boeske and Trigg both said that Humble had flown flags over Main Street in the past. The last time he saw them, Trigg remembered, was nearly seven years ago following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.


A year and a half later, the flags were taken down and haven’t been seen on Main Street since.


“On Memorial Day weekend I went to a cemetery in Houston and put flags on all the veterans’ graves,” Trigg said. “When I went home — I live on Main Street — I was thinking how we used to have flags there, too, and that we need them again,” he said.


Trigg approached Boeske with the offer to shoulder the cost for the flags but the city manager sprang in­to action at once, gathering up flags from one city department and the brackets from another. Much had become lost in the shuffle when offices were rearranged and job duties reassigned a few years ago, Boeske explained.


“Next thing I knew, the flags were all up and down Main Street,” Trigg said with an air of approval. “I’m a proud American. I’m proud of what we have. We shouldn’t forget who we are, where we came from.”


Boeske said that in the future, the flags will grace Main Street begining the week prior to Memorial Day each year. They will salute Main Street shoppers and residents well past Flag Day and Independence Day and remain in place until mid-September to commemorate the 9/11 anniversary.


“The flags represent America, and they represent freedom,” Boeske said.


Humble restaurateur Harvey Trigg, center, approached the city of Humble about resuming an old tradition that fell to the wayside several years ago. Friends Clinton Johnson, left, Humble fire marshal, and firefighter Jack Terry said they like Trigg’s idea and commend him for his call to a display of patriotism.





Article from the

Observer Newspaper of March 14, 2007



Good food, good people


Harvey Trigg, owner of the Humble Inn and Trigg’s Catering, received special recognition from the Harris County Citizen Corps for providing approximately 450 meals to support the Corps’ Rodeo Roundup. Corps representatives Branch Isbell, left, and Mardie Menke, right, hold the banner they presented to Trigg. Trigg was also given a plaque and T-shirts in appreciation. “It’s nice to be recognized and thanked for something you like to do,” said Trigg. “I appreciate it.”